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Christmas Sale: Splendid Tibetan Incense Burners

Tibetan Incense Shop offers you great Christmas gift for your family and friends: authentic wooden Tibetan Incense Burner.

Druk Ka Nying Bhutanese Dragon Incense On Sale

This is a piece of art of Bhutanese incense making. Packed in wonderful silk tubes of various colors, the Druk Ka Nying Incense is a great gift.

How to Buy a Singing Bowl

he bowls make a wonderful addition to a yoga routine. You may begin your practice with a minute or more of ringing your bowl, chanting “om” along with it.

New Arrivals and Total Sale in the Tibetan Incense Shop

We have new things in the Tibetan Incense Shop! And we are happy to announce a sale on all of our old stock! So come on in and get 40% off all of the items on sale!

Buddhist Jewelry At Tibetan Incense Shop

We are glad to inform you that we had opened new section at our shop - Jewelry and Buddhist Symbolic.

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